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Development of interactive and highly visual web sites, mobile applications and video games using HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Haxe, CoffeeScript, Adobe AIR, ActionScript 3 and C#.



Since 2014
  • Development of an entire IDE that leverages the functionnality and power of my Stage3D + ActionScript 3 engine: ND2Dx
  • Component System
  • Dynamic Loading of Action Script Code into the IDE
  • Dynamic properties editor
  • Customizable
  • Run and Debug game inside IDE
  • Publish game to multiple platforms using AIR
  • Allows the creation of mobile and desktop Apps & Games
  • Almost complete UI system
  • Constantly evolving
  • I create most of my games and apps with it
  • The whole game using my Stage3D/Actions Script 3 engine (ND2Dx) and WorldGameMaker (a game IDE developed by me)

Memory Wizard : a memory game with physics

Since october 2015
  • Development of the graphic engine in Action Script 3 and Stage3D (ND2Dx)
  • Creation of all graphic assets
  • Development of the whole game in Action Script 3 with mobile in mind
  • Development of 2 games in Unity3D C#: a runner type of game and an endless jump type of game
  • Integration within a more complex application also developed within Unity3D
  • Development of a crossplatform game for IOS and Android
  • Flash ActionScript 3 + ANEs
  • Development of the game for IPad 3
  • Flash ActionScript 3

Space Cropper : personal web video game

January 2014 to april 2014
  • Development of the entire game mechanics in C# with Unity3D
  • Development of client side (game logic, interactions, etc...)
  • Development of the server side (game logic, multiplayer, etc...)

BNP Paribas: promotional interactive website
April 2013 to july 2013
  • Development of the Flash ActionScript3 side of this project. Using Stage3D for the complex incrustation system in this interactive ad.

Orange - Roland Garros: jeu web promotionel

March 2013 to may 2013
  • Développement du jeu en Flash sur Facebook et borne interactive présente à Roland Garros

SoundQuest: social video game for Sony Ericsson
October 2011 to march 2012
  • Development of a social video game on Facebook (2d engine using Stage3D, level editor, effects, collision system, etc...)
  • Developed in Flash ActionScript3 + Stage3D
  • Development of a crossplatform application for Android and IOS
  • Developed in Flash ActionScript3 + Stage3D
  • Development of a flash video game (2d engine, logic/mechanics, etc...)
  • Developed in Flash ActionScript3
  • Development of the interactive ad + some parts of the website
  • If not the 1st, we were one of the first ones ever using facebook to create an interactive ad for this game from Activision.
    We got many, many rewards for that and that simple belgian website became more important than the main and official us website.

Jacques Dutronc: flash web site

December 2009 to january 2010
  • Development of a flash website, including a mini game.

Matrix Fall 3D: matrix screensaver in 3D

February 2004 to march 2004
  • Development of a matrix screensaver in 3D
  • OpenSource project developed in VisualBasic 6 at the time. It received many awards, notably on Planet Source

Fanta: Less Serious
April 2010 to june 2010
  • Development of a flash website with various animations, effects, sections and social interactions
  • Development of a flash website + interactive ad with facebook incrustations
  • Development of a flash website (animations, effects, sections, content, etc...)

FreeYourMonde: promotional flash website for KIA

November 2008 to january 2009
  • Development of a flash website in 3D using Papervision at the time

Samsung 3D TV: promotional flash website
May 2010 to june 2010
  • Development of a flash website with various eye candy effects in semi 3D
  • Development of the whole website in flash

Professional Flash Developer for Emakina

June 2008 to november 2008
  • Flash developer (ActionScrip3, FlexSDK, ...)

Other professional experiences

June 2004 to december 2005
  • Various projects for
  • Development of the dynamic side of the Bruylant Group website
  • Realization of the entire Benoît Cerexhe (minister in Bruxelles) personal website
  • 3D video for CIRB (irisnet)


  • IOS (Flash AS3, Stage3D / Unity3D C#)
  • Android (Flash AS3, Stage3D / Unity3D C#)
  • Web (Flash AS3, Stage3D / Unity3D C#)
  • Desktop (Flash AIR AS3, Stage3D / Unity3D C#)
  • C++
  • Flash ActionScript 3 / Flex SDK
  • .NET (C#)
  • SoundForge
  • HTML / Javascript / CSS / XML
  • After Effects
  • PHP / MySQL
  • Acid
  • Photoshop
  • 3DS Max
  • Flamish: low-medium
  • French: native
  • English: good
  • Spanish: low


Ecriture Multimédia

September 2001 to june 2004

Development, design, project management, traineeships, ...
Left with Distinction and Great Distinction for the "end of studies" work.


  • Get to know how things work, what people say, their experience before, during and after a shooting. Whether it's about realization, acting, music or production, everything about cinema interests me and I often find myself spending hours reading articles or watching making offs. I also write down a couple of ideas I have from time to time. And if the right time comes and everything seems to fit together, then yeah, I would be really interested in participating in the making of one.
  • To leave, discover and see how things are working somewhere else. How people live, how do they think and what they want. Their vision of life. In 2005, I left with my backpack for two years and a half. From Australia to Singapore, then through Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), China, Thibet, Nepal and India. Since I came back, I often leave for 1 to 3 weeks but never more.
  • I play piano since I'm little. Mostly self-educated, I like to play personal things. I compose from time to time, whether directly on my piano or via my computer. I was part of a small band several years ago. We went on radio. I also play guitar, a bit.
  • I need sport even if I don't do as much as I should/want. Kung fu, basketball, football, sportive gym.
  • I draw what crosses my mind: game ideas, characters, project, all sorts of concepts but mainly oriented towards games and apps. I never really pushed that part of me as I did with development or even maybe music but I think that this side of me brings a lot to everything I undertake.