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Thomas John

Thomas John

Web / Mobile / Desktop interactive developer

41 years old
Driving License
Bruxelles (1040) Belgium
Freelancer Open to opportunities
I love to solve problems, debug, create tools, learn new things, bring ideas to life and get better at it.

I started developing around the age of 16 using Visual Basic 6. Did quite a few things such as a chess game that connected to an online server, a FTP client, a peer to peer file sharing app and a 3D Matrix screensaver emulating the matrix rain effect.

I used to share my code on various development websites such as planet source code and vbfrance.

Then Flash entered my life. It became a love story that lasted as long as it could. I worked for plenty of different clients and agencies as a flash developer. Mainly promotional and visual stuff.
On the personal side, I started developing games (as well as tools that helped me develop them), a thing I have always wanted to do and tried to integrate as much as possible into my professional life.
With that idea in mind and with 2 other guys, we started a collaboration that later became what is now reed.be, a web agency. We worked on quite some projects together. I'm no longer part of it.

After a long and slow death, I had to make up my mind about Flash and ultimately retired from it.
Transitioning to html and javascript, I followed my desire to work in a long-term project. This led me to SmartCertificate. It allowed me to touch pretty much all the aspects of a business and helped me grow in not just the technical part of it. On the side, I pursued my love for making games.
As time passed, SmartCertificate took more and more of my time and I slowly abandonned game development. I still try/sketch/think about ideas, write some stories, see if something is working or not.

Since a year, I started investigating AIs such as ChatGPT and Midjourney. I build a couple of tools to help me and close relatives in their day to day tasks. I find it quite fascinating and yet, still too limited. But this is only the beginning.


2011 to 2016
  • WorldGameMaker is a tool that I first created to allow our team at reed.be to build levels for a game we were developing for Sony Ericsson. The game was SoundQuest. I had the feeling the flash editor was not gonna be enough to do what we needed to do. On top of that, we wanted to use the new Stage3D technology (basically having access to the graphic card shaders).
    I needed an IDE that would allow me to create all sorts of animated things as well as having a basic physics system. First I tried building my own. It worked for some very small projects but I eventually switched to Nape, a professional and open source physics engine.
  • Development of an entire IDE that leverages the functionnality and power of my Stage3D + ActionScript 3 engine: ND2Dx
  • Component System
  • Dynamic Loading of Action Script Code into the IDE
  • Dynamic properties editor
  • Customizable
  • Run and Debug game inside IDE
  • Publish game to multiple platforms using AIR
  • Allows the creation of mobile and desktop Apps & Games
  • Almost complete UI system
  • Constantly evolving
  • I create most of my games and apps with it